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  • Do you provide virtual appointments?
    Yes we do. Please call our office to book your virtual appointment. Please note that the doctor is the one to decide if your situation is ideal for virtual appointment or not.
  • Do I need a referral to see the Paediatrician?
    No you do not. If you are a registered patient of the clinic, we will see you whenever there is a need. If you are not a registered patient, you will need a referral from your family doctor.
  • How quickly can my child be seen by the doctor?
    We always make our best effort to get you in as soon as possible depending on the age and condition of your child. We usually advice you to call us in time and allow 2-3 days to get you in. If we believe, based on the symptoms, that it cannot wait, we will bring you on the same day, otherwise we would recommend you visit the ER or your closest walk-in clinic.
  • How should I follow up regarding laboratory results (blood tests, x-ray, ultrasound)?"
    In order to protect your confidentiality, lab results will not be discussed over the phone by any of our clinic staff. The doctor may decide to provide you with results over the phone or he may require that you come in for a follow-up visit to discuss the results. If the results require your immediate attention, the doctor will make contact with you right away.
  • How do I get my prescriptions and prescription renewals filled?
    Your presciption and renewals can be faxed to the pharmacy of your choice. We can provide you with two refills after which you will be required to come in for a follow-up visit.
  • Do you do routine vaccinations?
    Yes we provide all routine vaccinations for your child from birth. We also provide well baby checks and sick visits.
  • Do you perform ingrown toenail treatment at your clinic?
    Yes. We can treat ingrown toenails for patients up to 18 years old. Its usually a quick procedure. This is a non-insured service. Our fees per proceure is $200. Please call our office for more information.
  • Can I ask my Family Doctor to refer me to see the Paediatrician?
    Yes you can, but its up to your Family doctor to make that decision. We accept consults from Family doctors, Nurse Practitioners and midwives. Wait times for most consults is usually 2-3 weeks.
  • What fees are associated with patient services?
    We do not charge a fee for patient care. However, we do have certain administrative charges. We charge $50 for no-shows. $80 for consult no-shows. $30 for back to school and daycare notes. $30/child for transfer of medical records. $230 for ingrown toe nail removal. For information on other administrative charges, please contact our office.
  • Can I cancel my appointment the same day?
    We require a 24 hour notice for cancellation of appointments except in cases of personal emergency situations. Same day cancellations and no shows will incur a fee of $50.00. Please call us or email us if you need to cancel any appointment.
  • How does the online booking system work?
    Our new online booking systems allows you to quickly book your appointment. The online booking system is strictly for routine care such as vaccinations, well baby checks, annual check ups and flu vaccinations. For sick visits, please call our office directly. You must have a valid health card to book through the online portal.
CALL US 905 389-2929

Our phone lines open at 9:30 am. We are closed for lunch between 12:00 noon and 1:00pm. We do not answer the phones on the weekends. Please do not leave messages. Call us back during business hours.

Facts About Immunizations

Vaccinating children against potentially life-threatening diseases is safe, and very essential to the continued health and well-being of your child.

Vaccines have been one of the greatest successes of modern healthcare. Vaccines have eliminated smallpox and have virtually extinguished many other diseases. Countless lives have been saved by vaccines.


In Canada, the low incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases and their associated morbidity and mortality have been a result of comprehensive Federal, Provincial and Territorial (F/P/T) immunization policies, and the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of vaccines and immunization programs.

Although many myths and erroneous facts are circulating on-line, on TV and non-scientific press regarding the risks and failures of vaccines, none of these have been scientifically proven. Immunization is one of the most important accomplishments in public health that has, over the past 50 years, led to the elimination, containment and control of  diseases that were once very common in Canada.  Before vaccines became available, many Canadian children were hospitalized or died from diseases such as diphtheria, pertussis, measles and polio.


Today, although these disease causing bacteria and viruses still exist, such diseases are rarely seen in Canada. However, if the current vaccination programs were reduced or stopped, diseases controlled through immunization would re-appear in Canada. What has been scientifically proven is that vaccines work, are safe and necessary to prevent disease. If you decide not to vaccinate your child you put your child at risk of serious disease.

At Back2play Paediatrics, we strongly believe that all children should be vaccinated and while we cannot force you to decide, we have the right to refuse to enroll you as a patient. This decision is made for the greater good of our young and vulnerable patient population, who may be put at risk.

For further information on vaccinations and related topics please visit one of the following websites:


As part of our Clinic Policy

24 hours are required for cancellation or rescheduling of appointment otherwise a fee will be applied based on appointment type.


Missed appointment Fees

Office Visits-----------$50/child



Other Fees

Non-OHIP Office Visit Fee----$180

School Forms---------------------$30

Daycare Notes-------------------$25


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